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Together we have all watched the evolution from an idea to the amazing finished vehicle. The Engler Superquad has now completed its journey of development and I'm very pleased to announce that we have also received a number of contracted orders, including the down payments.

After a few ups and downs we are now approaching the production stage of customers vehicles. As an organisation, we have managed this without taking on huge partners or hungry investors. It has taken longer, but we've survived as a solid company and we keep on going strongly despite the current difficult global situation.

As I mentioned, we're starting production for our customers, but this key stage requires additional funding. We could go the way of selling our shares to a large player, but as the founder and executive director I am not keen on doing this. My aim is to continue to keep our company private and strong. We are small but producing the worlds only and fastest vehicle of its kind, and will continue to do what we know best, if possible without the need for the involvement of huge investment partners.

I decided to attempt to raise funds to launch our production models by crowdfunding. This presents an opportunity for you to become an integral part in starting the manufacturing stage. Our clients have already paid down payments for ordered vehicles, with the balance to be paid on completion. But we need to invest into the launch of the manufacture and sale now. We will use money raised to complete ordered contracts, modernise our current manufacturing facilities and on improved technology.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Kind regards
Victor Engler

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